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JUNE 2009


Ultrasonic Flowmeters (Part 2 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC

In Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters, ultrasonic energy is transmitted into the pipe. Some of this energy is reflected by particles, bubbles, and eddies in the flow stream. The frequency difference between the transmitted energy and its reflected ultrasonic signal is used to determine the flow in the pipe. click for more...


Keeping on the Level
CONTROL (February 2008)

Measuring the level of solids such as plastic pellets, coal, coke or flour is not necessarily easy, and the difficulty starts before the measurement system is even designed. Simply put, why are you making this level measurement? Do you want to measure the level in the bin or hopper or the amount of material? These two questions may appear to be same - but their implications can be quite different. click for more...


Pressure Measurement Errors in Steam Service
Flow Control (June 2008)

A liquid seal is formed in the impulse tubing in steam service in order to keep the hot steam from reaching the transmitter(s) and potentially causing damage. Steam pressure compensation is typically performed to calculate steam flow at actual operating conditions. This entails measuring steam pressure at the primary flow element. However, the transmitter that measures steam pressure is typically located below the primary flow element. click for more...


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