JULY 2009

Ultrasonic Flowmeters (Part 3 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC

Transit time ultrasonic flowmeters (sometimes called time-of-flight ultrasonic flowmeters) alternately transmit ultrasonic energy into the fluid in the direction and against the direction of flow. At no flow conditions, it takes the same amount of time to travel upstream and downstream between the sensors. Under flowing conditions, the upstream ultrasonic energy will travel slower and take more time than energy traveling downstream. click for more...

Orifice Plate Sealing Dilemma:
Engineering for Two Seemingly Conflicting Requirements

Flow Control (July 2008)

Practicing engineering often entails trying to satisfy two seemingly conflicting requirements. Sometimes the conflicts cannot be resolved, but more often than not, some clever engineering can yield a solution that represents the best of both worlds. Such was the case with an application involving the fabrication of a custody-transfer orifice plate.click for more...

How Peripherals Affect Analog Output Accuracy
Flow Control (July 2008)

What is the approximate accuracy of the analog signal for a flow measurement system where the output of a linear flowmeter with 1 percent of rate accuracy is fed to a control system input board that has an accuracy of 0.01 percent? click for more...


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