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Ultrasonic Flowmeters (Part 4 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC

Pulse repetition ultrasonic flowmeters (sometimes called sing-around ultrasonic flowmeters) also alternately transmit ultrasonic energy into the pipe in the direction and against the direction of flow. In this design, receipt of an ultrasonic pulse triggers the sending of a new ultrasonic pulse. The frequency of the pulses is measured, and the following equation expresses their relationship to flow rate. click for more...

Digital vs. Analog Signal Transmission:
Key Considerations for Flow Measurement Systems Design

Flow Control (August 2008)

Signal transmission technology can be an important aspect of flow measurement system design, and improper technology selection can potentially introduce significant error and process control problems. click for more...

Which Flowmeters Have Wetted Parts?
Flow Control (August 2008)

Flowmeters generally can be categorized into one of four types: flowmeters that have wetted moving parts; flowmeters with no wetted moving parts; flowmeters that exhibit no obstruction to the flow; and flowmeters with no wetted parts. click for more...


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