September 2009

Non-Contact Level Gauge Performance (Part 1 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC

The purpose of installing a level measurement system is to measure level accurately in a reliable manner. Whereas issues dealing with physical properties, process parameters, electronic features, and interconnections are often considered extensively, the quantification of the expected measurement quality of the installed level measurement system can be virtually neglected. click for more...


Getting Up to Smart Speed: Use Variable Speed Drives to Save Money
CONTROL (September 2008)

The goal of "optimal control" is to develop a strategy to control a system (process) in the optimal or "best" possible manner. Academicians use mathematical techniques to prove that the optimal control strategy is in fact the "best" that can be done. Typically this is performed using a model of the system to mathematically prove that a given performance measure is optimized when using a particular control strategy. click for more...


Which Meters Use the Principles of Differential Pressure?
Flow Control (September 2008)

Differential-pressure flowmeter primaries, such as the orifice plate, Venturi flow tube and flow nozzle present an obstruction to the flow. When the fluid is flowing, this obstruction generates a differential pressure across the flowmeter that is related to the flowrate through the flowmeter. The differential pressure is measured and the flowrate is calculated. click for more...



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