October 2009 
Non-Contact Level Gauge Performance (Part 2 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC 
An absolute (fixed) distance error statement describes an error that is constant. This error is independent of the calibration range and the actual level in the vessel. For example, the stated accuracy of a level measurement system in a 1000 mm high vessel (100% level located 100 mm below the sensor) might be +/-10 mm. click for more... 
Calibration Concerns:
The Advantages of Calibrating in the Field vs in the Shop

Flow Control (October 2008) 
Sometimes doing the correct thing with insufficient tools can get you into trouble. One client's custody-transfer differential pressure transmitters are a case in point. click for more... 
Considering Your Components:
The Many Elements of a Flow Measurement System

Flow Control (September 2008) 
Flow measurement systems are often composed of a number of components that can have different performance specifications. This is especially applicable for flowmeters in which the flow measurement system consists of components that are designed and manufactured separately. click for more... 


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