November 2009

Non-Contact Level Gauge Performance (Part 3 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC

A percentage of maximum span statement describes the error in terms of the maximum sensor distance minus the blocking distance. click for more...

Multivariable vs. Single Variable DP Transmitters:
Dispelling Common Myths About Instrument Accuracy

Flow Control (November 2008)

Paradigms abound in this world. For example, we spent centuries thinking the earth was flat and the sun rotated around it. Doctors also used to bleed patients to promote healing. One instrumentation paradigm that is occasionally bandied about is that multivariable differential-pressure transmitters that measure pressure, temperature and differential-pressure are more accurate than three individual transmitters measuring the same parameters. click for more...

Which Flowmeter Type Requires the Least Straight Run?
Flow Control (October 2008)

Space for straight run of pipe upstream and downstream of the flowmeter is often not available in many installations. Which of the following flowmeter technologies have the shortest straight-run requirements? click for more...


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