Ultrasonic Flowmeters (Part 1 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC

Ultrasonic flowmeters use sensors to generate ultrasonic waves and direct them into the flowing stream. Information from the remnants of these sound waves is used to determine the flow of fluid passing through the flowmeter. Ultrasonic flowmeters have no moving parts. click for more...

Upstream: What We Think We Know About Upstream Straight Run
CONTROL (October 2008)

Now we’re confronted with the another "flat Earth" meme, this time in the case of flow measurement. What we "know" regarding upstream straight run distances and what we’ve recently found appear to be in conflict. click for more...

Understanding Your Standards:
Examining ASME 8-M and Seal Pot Arrangements in Steam Service

Flow Control (May 2008)

People often say that standardization is a good thing - standardization allows people to reuse the knowledge of others instead of having to think through every problem every time one occurs. The "catch" can be that the people using the knowledge often apply standards without an understanding of the reasoning behind the instructions provided. Such is the case when using seal pots in steam service. click for more...



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