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Vortex Shedding and Fluidic Flowmeter Applications (Part 2 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC  

Vortex shedding and fluidic flowmeters can be used to measure the mass flow of gases and vapors. These flowmeters measure the fluid velocity that is used to infer the mass flow in conjunction with other measurements, such as pressure and temperature. Because the density of gases and vapors is usually significantly lower than that of liquids, the ability to generate sufficient hydraulic energy to operate the sensing system can be limited.
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Effluent Flow With Suspended Solids:
Facing Rising Treatment Costs, Paper Mill Reconsiders Flowmeter Installation

Flow Control (January 2008) 

Every now and then I stumble across information that raises my eyebrows and makes me think of that classic adage: believe only half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. Some time ago, I read a series of responses to a problem involving a Parshall flume used for regulatory compliance that was measuring low. click for more...

Calculating for Calibration & Conversion: Factor Inconsistency
Flow Control (February 2008) 

Accurate flow measurement often entails careful attention to detail. Errors can be introduced when calculations in different parts of the flow measurement system are performed using different standard conditions. click for more...


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