December 2009

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Non-Contact Level Gauge Performance (Part 4 of 4)
Spitzer and Boyes, LLC 

In order to fairly compare performance, the same type of accuracy statement should be used for each level measurement system. click for more... 

Fieldbus Goes Nuclear:
Fieldbus Technology Simplifies Building New Plants and Getting Older Units Up to Speed

CONTROL (October 2008) 

The nuclear industry is constructing new nuclear power plants. In addition, many nuclear power plants are now renewing or in the process of renewing their licenses, so they can operate for another 20 years. Newer technology, plus additional years of operation, combine to increase the viability of upgrading the obsolete and cumbersome existing instrumentation systems that are difficult to maintain. click for more... 

Which Flowmeter Shows Lowest Pressure Drop in Gas Service?
Flow Control (November 2008) 

Many processes can tolerate only a small pressure drop across a flowmeter. For example, many ventilation ducts operate at a pressure of only a few millimeters of water column. In these applications, flowmeter selection can be predominately predicated on the pressure drop across the flowmeter. click for more... 


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