Extreme Measurement: Other Options for Chlorine

By Walt Boyes

Other meters, other than rotameters, have been used successfully to measure chlorine, including target meters and vortex-shedding flowmeters. Target meters have been used for decades in sizes up to at least 6″ diameter to measure chlorine gas. The target is made of CPVC, the arm is made of Hastelloy C and the meter body can either be plastic or Hastelloy. All Hastelloy vortex meters have also been used in 2″ and 3″ sizes, and probably larger. Diaphragm-style gas meters have been designed for this service, but none is currently in manufacture. Liquified chlorine gas can also be measured using transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters on a Hastelloy or Tantalum spool section, and there is even a clamp-on transit-time meter for gases, including chlorine.

Even on the far right-hand side of the difficulty continuum, flowmeter manufacturers are producing more choices for engineers and users. 



Touch Screen GP10/GP20

  • The GP series is Yokogawa's latest recorder, with handle and footstands to enable portable and benchtop use.
  • The GP series is an industry-first multi-point touch panel, to improve intuitive and smart operator control.
  • Users can scroll, pan, zoom historical data, and even write freehand messages on its dust-proof and water-proof display.
  • It delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy.
  • The GP series is ideally suited for monitoring or troubleshooting long term physical or electrical trends. 

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