APRIL 2009


Vortex Shedding and Fluidic Flowmeter Applications
(Part 4 of 4)

Spitzer and Boyes, LLC

Plastic/Polymer Vortex Shedding and Fluidic Flowmeters, Sanitary Vortex Shedding and Fluidic Flowmeters, Two-Wire Vortex Shedding and Fluidic Flowmeters, and Miscellaneous. click for more...

The Cost of Liquid Flow Errors:
Is a $25 Million Measurement Worth an Extra $600 Investment?

Flow Control (March 2008)

Last month we considered the economic value of steam flow measurements. Liquid flows are typically more common, so let’s take a look at an example of their economic impact here. click for more...

Performing Under Pressure:
How Physical Properties Affect Units of DP

Flow Control (June 2008)

Pressure can be defined as the force acting on a surface divided by the area of the surface. This seems rather straightforward, but common practices can make expressions of pressure confusing and can result in measurement errors. click for more...


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