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Jan. 2016

Working with Vendors: Potential Conflict 


Quiz Corner: Flowmeter Selection


How to Calculate Orifice Plate Flow Rate 

Feb. 2016 Working with Vendors: Mutual Respect 

Details, Details, Details... Knowing the Whens and Whys of Measurement Lead You to Solution Success


Which is more important for flow measurement --- repeatability or accuracy? 

  Fluid Components International voted #1 Supplier of Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Flow Switches - AGAIN
March 2016          Working with Vendors: Guidelines
  'Do Not Bump' - Signs of Just How Much Safety Systems Have Evolved Over the Years 
  QUIZ: Which Flowmeters Aren't Affected by the Upstream Velocity Profile?
 April 2016  So Many Pumps, So Many Applications... Pumps and Applications
   Quiz Corner: Variable Speed Drives  
   Quiz Corner: High Turndown Sewage Flowmeter Application
 May 2016  So Many Pumps, So Many Applications... Centrifugal, Turbine and Rotary Pumps
  Considering the Pros and Cons of Volumetric Flow Measurement
  QUIZ: How Much Pressure Can a 150 LB Flange Withstand?
 June 2016 So Many Pumps, So Many Applications... Positive Displacement Pumps
  Part II: Pros and Cons of Velocity Meters for Volumetric Flow Measurement
  QUIZ: What is the turndown of a flowmeter that can measure accurately from 10 to 100 units? 
 July 2016 So Many Pumps, So Many Applications... Peristaltic and Diaphragm Pumps
  Part III: Pros and Cons of Mass Flowmeters for Volumetric Flow Measurement
  QUIZ: How Do Changes in Pressure and Temperature Affect Process Gas? 
 August 2016 So Many Pumps, So Many Applications... Pumps and Flow Control
  Part IV: How Differential Pressure Flowmeters Infer Flow Measurement
  QUIZ: Why Doesn't Ketchup Flow Out of an Upside Down Container?
 September 2016  
So Many Pumps, So Many Applications... A Critical Application 
   Part V: What's the Best Flowmeter to Measure the Flow of Raw Materials?
   Quiz: How Does Temperature Affect PD Pressure Drop and Meter Sizing?
  Tour FCI's Gas Mass Flow Calibration Lab
 October 2016 So Many Pumps, So Many Applications... The Future of Pumps and Controls  
  How to Develop a Good Velocity Profile without Installing Straight Run
  Quiz Corner: Which Actions Are Relevant to an Energy Conservation Program? 
 November 2016 The Vendor Relationship - Part I
  Fact or Myth: Flowmeter Straight Run 'Rule of Thumb
  Quiz Corner: How Do You Adjust a Pulsed Magnetic Flowmeter with a 4-20 mA Analog Output? 
 December 2016  The Vendor Relationship - Part 2 
   Quiz Corner: Doing What Is Right
   Quiz Corner: Flowmeter Performance Claims





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